Posted by Sharon Krause on Nov 3, 2021 6:00:00 AM

What we do if we go to bed and are unable to drop right off to sleep? What can we do if we wake up in the wee hours of the morning and cannot get right back to sleep? Jesus was able to sleep on a rocking boat during a severe stormuntil his disciples woke him up to save them (Matthew 8:23-27). We don’t all sleep so soundly.

There are many suggestions on how to alleviate bouts of insomnia. I have heard that not looking at a television or computer screen for a while before bedtime could help. Of course, avoiding caffeine hours before bedtime might solve the problem. Endeavoring to change from your “worry channel” to your “trust-in-God’s-love channel” is another idea; I know that is not the easiest thing to do, but deep breaths and prayers for our Blessed Mother’s intercession could be ways to achieve your goal.

I read an article years ago in a women’s magazine that recommended lying down and concentrating first on your feet, and then, in turn, thinking about and forgetting your legs, torso, and finally your head. The suggestion did not make too much sense to me, a grammar school student.

I have always heard about counting sheep as a way of getting sleepy. I doubt the shepherd in the parable about the one lost sheep in the flock of one hundred was having trouble sleeping. The lesson was about how God, our Good Shepherd, sees each member of his flock as precious and worth saving. (Matthew 18:10-14) However, if we keep a Bible near us at bedtime, we could, instead of counting sheep, read and pray with Psalm 23. Repeating each verse slowly and calmly visualizing the green pastures, still waters, and right paths we have been led to might be soothing and help us rest. Prayer is never a waste of time.

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