Posted by Sharon Krause on Apr 30, 2021 6:00:00 AM

When our television is on‒which is often because we are home so much‒I hear so many commercials for new and replacement windows for your home. These windows could be carefully installed and, because of the expert installers, fit right in, even if you have special trim or casings. I started thinking that perhaps some of us may need new windows in our spiritual lives‒that is, new ways of looking out at our troubled and chaotic world, and new ways of letting the Light, the Risen Christ, shine into our hearts.

We are still in the joyful season of Easter, a time to eagerly count our blessings, especially the blessing of our redemption through Jesus’ death and resurrection. So, we rejoice and look out on our world with renewed hope. This hope is not a gift to be hoarded; it is a breath of fresh air and has to be circulated.

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